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What Can My House Do?

As your local automation company, we can bring all the smart devices in your home or venue together on one simple app. With our smart home control solutions, your space automatically reacts to your everyday lifestyle. Check out some of the key features we can include below and then schedule a consultation so we can start customizing your project!


Thermostats are one of the first smart devices that people incorporate into their home automation systems. They let you manage the temperature in your home more efficiently. Use a smart app to make changes in any room or let the house automatically adjust during certain times, when the house is empty, or when a window is left open. We link the thermostat to your network so you can access it from your smartphone to lower the AC or turn off the heat even when you’re not home. Some thermostats offer easy-to-read dashboards to monitor the changes you’ve made and the amount of energy being used. 


Garage doors are often one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. If you forget to close them when you go to bed or leave for work, they offer easy access to intruders. Now, you can manage them from an app on your tablet or smartphone. At any moment, you can check to see if it’s open and close it remotely. Also receive a notification whenever anyone opens the door.


With a lighting control system, you can manage all of your fixtures from one intuitive app. Program your lights to turn on/off at specific times to instantly create a different ambiance.  Move beyond the light switch with an app that lets you adjust brightness and turn lights on and off throughout the house. 


You can take the same approach with some of your other entry points. Install smart locks in your front and back doors so you can manage them from a smartphone or tablet. Want to let someone in without leaving a key under the mat? Send friends or staff electronic keys that only let them access certain areas during specific times. Some doorbells include two-way communication so you can see who’s at the door and speak with them directly before letting them in. In an integrated home automation system, you can connect your locks and thermostat. Whenever you unlock the door, the thermostat automatically adjusts to your ideal temperature. 

Garden & Plants

By connecting your irrigation system to your smart device, you can better manage the water usage in your home. Sprinklers use your Wi-Fi system to learn the weather forecast for each day and adjust accordingly. If there’s rain on the horizon, sprinklers will know not to go off. Now you can check in on your irrigation to ensure your garden is getting the attention it needs.


There’s no longer a need to wade through hours of footage to find what you need. Smart security cameras begin recording when they detect movement and send a video snapshot to your email or phone. You’ll know as soon as there’s any suspicious activity in your house. With special infrared technology, you’ll get valuable images at any time of day. StroTek experts can help you find the ideal cameras for you. Find out if you need HD resolution, microphones and more. 

Windows Blinks

Forget about clunky, unmanageable cords and sticks. There are smarter ways to manage your shades and curtains. Use a timer, mobile app, or photo sensors to open and close shades. Not only do you get added convenience, but you could also significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.

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